Saturday, August 22, 2009

New York

As Hubby and I are waiting here at JFK...I was lucky enough to get on the Internet....and of course I had to visit some of you .....I took some amazing pictures of our trip and can not wait to share with you....we will be home late tonight....just thought I would drop a little note to say Hi ....
Mo :-)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Special Day

This coming Friday August 21 is My Birthday!!!! I always try and so something Fabulous to Celebrate...I love my life and everything about it....and when God gives me another year I embrace it with all my heart.....This year Hubby and I are going to New York...yes the "Big Apple"....One thing I love doing is going to plays....On the list so far is "Avenue Q"...and of course lunch at "Tavern On The Green"...and "The Boathouse" ....Not to sure what else is in store just going and having fun......and Celebrate !!!!!! :-)
A Birthday Present!!!!!!!!
My Friend Sharon gave me a birthday present early.....I have wanted this cute reading lamp forever....It comes from " The Victorian Trading Co"..I have been looking at this lamp and just knew it would look great on my bed.....the lamp in the picture is from the catalog....I will post a picture later of where I put it........Thank you Sharon....I love it and You !!!!!!!! :-)
I have received a few emails wondering where I have been....I have answered them but I thought I would just give you a little up date of my absence.....This summer has been a busy one for me and I wish I had the time to do what I love doing and that is sharing my treasures and blogging....for a bit it stopped being fun for me and seemed like at that time I thought a little vacation was in order......I have so many things I want to share with you and am so excited to start my many projects.....Thank you all for your thoughtfulness...wonderful comments.... emails....and all the many visitors that have stopped by.....all of you are my "True Treasures".......
With Much Love,
Mo :-)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Things That Make Me Happy

I was looking through some pictures of things that make me happy and smile.....and thought I would share a bit of Romance with you....
Pictures in order....
1. I have always loved this part of my garden...the color pink the little window....2.The little garden path in my secret garden 3. of course what is not to love with a lazy day swing on our patio 4. This by far is my favorite saying. "we do not remember days we remember moments".....need I say more 5. I love the color Pink. 6. of course the single Romantic Pink Rose 7. my Mika...what a joy she is.....
8. I love creating vignette's ...all the things I love in one place 9. pretty linens...10.a romantic bed to dream 11.Romantic lighting...this I love....just makes me happy to get lost in my thoughts 12.a cute little place to sit and put your stuff on...13. and of favorite reading chair.....many many hours spent here reading wonderful books and of course Romantic Country and Romantic Home magazine.......
I love so many styles of decorating....but there is no place like home !!!
Mo :-)