Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Victorian Guest Room

This is on the door to my guest room. My Son moved out a year ago and now we are true empty nester's. I have always wanted a nice guest room and here it is.............

+ I have many looks in my home. The Romantic look the Cottage look. I will share them with you at another time but I think the Victorian is near and dear to my heart. I hope you enjoy the tour. The bed is from a friend of mine Vivian. I love it!!!!! I hope you can see the hand carved roses on the headboard and foot board. It is fabulous!!!!!

I have battenburg pillow shams that I picked up for $3 each a while back and didn't know where they would end up but here they are. The quilt at the end of the bed was in my bedroom. I am redoing my bedroom at the moment. I will share it soon!!!!

I have great luck at Ross. I found this night stand for $29. I grabbed it so fast I knew I had just the right spot for it. The lamp was a great find as well. So cute and very Victorian it came from a second hand store. I think it was $19 or some where around there. The tea cup was a gift from my friend Sharon. I love it!

This old entertainment center kinda came back to life with a little lace.Some lace where the old VCR was and guest towels on the shelf and next to it is an old picture that belonged to my husbands grandmother and on the floor the stool and little cake and goodies I pick up here and there.

On the top of the of the entertainment center is a clock I bought at Ross and the cute boxes, I can't remember where they came from. The picture I put together with some cards and a Victorian fan I bought at a craft show. The frame is from Ross. I just like the look of the frame at the time and held on to it and now it has a home.

My friend Sharon and I were in this antique store in Danville when I spotted this what not shelf. I just knew it would be out of my price range. So we just looked around. Well I guess curiosity got the best of me and I asked and what do ya know $145. I thought it was a great deal and now here it is on my wall. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
The little lamp in the middle my husband bought for me when we were in Carmel CA a few years back. It has always been one of my favorites. You can put it anywhere. The little dish and hankie came from a antique store in Martinez CA. The little flower holder was a gift. I have always liked the Victorian style. The old glasses were my husbands grandmothers.
I wish this picture turned out a little lighter. The Victorian what not shelf is above this sewing machine, it belonged to my husbands grandmother. The photo does not do it justice, it is really beautiful. It kinds looks like a set. I just love this look.
I made this little stool. It was on clearance. I covered the top with the great pink fabric I've had forever. Then I took some netting glued it under the stool put a tassel and bow and here it is. Of course I have my cute little kitty sleeping on top.

Every bedroom needs somewhere to sit other than the bed. I love this little bench. Great place to put your shoes on.


LillyB said...

This guest bedroom is awesome! I just can't come up with enough words to say wonderful, beautiful...LOL
empty nest was difficult but I am learning to decorate and make spaces that make me feel better! I am learning to live alone as time goes by...This room is so beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Your home is so inviting and lovely. You have wonderful decorating skills. I just LOVE, LOVE it. It seems you haven't missed a spot to put a treasure.
What an inspiration !!!

Happy To Be said...

Gm Mo, girl I could live just in your guest room and be Happy the rest of my life...oh do bring me a coffee every now and then..this is just awesome my friend...that Bed is to die for WOW!! I don't know if you know Chari at Happy to Design...but on Sunday is she starting a new meme of doing a repost and you really need to reshown this wonderful room..I will be posting later about this...I know I have a few old posts I was like to show again of my antiques when I had like 3 followers and its so easy because your post i already done...just repost it ha ha!! any hoo come by and check it out later and see if maybe you can repost this awesome bedroom...I think people need to see this wonderful, beautiful space...I know I am glad you had the link so I could enjoy it today...may you have a great day my friend...thanks for coming by and seein where I play and pay..ha ha!! Love ya sis..Gl♥ria

Mary said...

Mo, I have been looking at the beatiful pictures on your blog, old posts, and this is a favorite. You do the greatest things with your decorating. The entertainment center looks fabulous and I love the old oval picture. Those old glasses of your hubby's grandmother are a great memory keeper! You have the touch for decorating. I could live in this room. Hope you are doing well! We have rain here too but I am ok with that. I like a nice rainy day now and then but I do have some things outside that need to be done. Oh well! Enjoy your day! Blessings to you! Mary

Joy said...

Beautiful! It looks like something out of bed and breakfast! Love the little stool you made and all the furnishings.