Monday, January 21, 2008

Bunnies, bunnies and more bunnies!

Bye..... Bye POT PLACE. I'm going to miss you. I'm going to try and see if I can get one more shopping day in there. Unfortunately they are going out of business, darn. I have been going there for years. New owners and all that.
Bunnies, bunnies and more bunnies. What a find at the Pot place. Anyway the bunnies were only 25 cents each. I also bought some ducks too and a few dogs and 2 pots. Well anyway the right side of the cart is mine and the other side is my friend Sharon. See, we know a good deal when we see one. I went a little crazy. Thought I would put them everywhere. My "Secret Garden", back yard and front yard. When the weather gets a little nicer I will give you a tour.This is our deal of the week. Can you believe we got allllllllll this for $12.83.


Anonymous said...

What a fabulous deal on those bunnies. I would have bought a bunch too! Can't wait till you post garden pics with some of them in the pics. Kay

marmee said...

wow what lot of bunnies. very cool are you going to group them together like in a warren?
that was a great deal have fun with your new stuff.