Saturday, April 26, 2008

Kitchen Chandelier

This is my kitchen chandelier. It started out black. I painted it white and wrapped ribbon around the arms. The tea cups I found at an antique store in Niles, CA. I thought it was a great buy for $1. each. I tied them on with a pink bow and hung a crystal in the center of the teacup.

I love the shades. I made the covers out of lace. Elastic on top and bottom of the lace and just slipped it on. The crystals I had from an old lamp the broke.

And here it is. I wanted to give it just a bit more color so I put small berry wreath over the light. It looks beautiful at night. Very soft and cozy.

Kitchen Grandfather Clock

I think this is one of my gooood bargains. I bought this unfinished clock a very very long time ago and it sat in my attic for many many years until one day I saw it in the very back corner. I took it out and looked at it for a few days until something enspired me. I ended up painted it a cream color and put a face on it with an old doily and used some roses as numbers, as you see in the below picture, and put it in my kitchen. I think I have had it there for at least 5 years and I still love it.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


This is my almost done bedroom. By that I mean just a little more painting of the stripes around the walls. I changed my mind at the last minute and I want the stripes all the way up to the ceiling.

I love all the pillows. I have been picking them up everywhere over the last few years. I love that they all go together but none really match.

I have a large bedroom and wanted to make it a little bit cozier. So day I was laying in bed and looking at the beams above and got this idea to make a canopy. So I used tension rods for the curtains and they fit perfect between the beans. Now that is what I call LUCK. I love the way it turned out. I also have a mini chandelier hanging above my bed. Great for reading at night.

I found this night stand in Pacifica 2 years ago . I loved the colors when I bought it and now it looks great in my NEW bedroom. The prints above it I found in Stockbridge MA. On vacation last year.

My dresser I love. I bought this bedroom set about 20 yrs and still love it. The stripes in my room I first saw in a little tea shop in Pleasanton. It's called The English Rose Tea Shop. My friend and I went in for tea and I fell in love with the paint color and the stripe. So here it is. The owner was so nice to give me the paint color. If you are ever in Pleasanton stop in for tea and you will see what I mean. Plus it's fun.

I'm always changing the look of my dresser. This week it's roses and teacups next week who knows. I also found this lamp at Marshalls and it matched the ones on my night stand from a garage sale. Now that is luck

The old window above is from my friends Sharon's Mom's home. I am trying to get really good at painting roses, almost there, but for now it is a rose stencil. I think it turned out great. The rocking chair is from my husbands grandmother. We have had this for at least 39 yrs.

And this is another project that is almost done. I really didn't like the brick in my NEW room. Soooo I am covering it with bead board. All we have left to do is the top. Weather has not been that great to glue some boards together. Should be done soon. I will take the after picture.

I love this mantle scarf. I have had this for so many years. The Rose picture is my friends Sharon's. She had no place in her home for it and I have it on loan. I think I have had it for about 10 yrs. I'm sure some day she will find the perfect spot for it (hope not). I love it above the fireplace.

and finely we have a little porch off our bedroom. I love looking out onto our garden when everything is in bloom. My husband and I sit out there quite often during the summer.

New Kitchen Stand

I found this cute little stand at Marshells. It was red when I bought it. So I painted it a cream color. I had just the right spot for it in my kitchen.

Teapot from Marshells on clearance. Lucky me!!

I just loved this teacup. It came as a set so my friend Sharon and I split it. One for her and one for me. It goes great on this shelf.

And here are the cutest cupcakes I bought at the Country Folk Art Show in Pleasanton a couple of months ago. They are perfect on the shelf.

Tea for one. The teacup above matches it. This also came from the same shop we bought the teacup from. But this one was on clearance, a little defect, was only $10.

And another little teapot. As you can tell I love teacups, teapots and roses.

Table Lamp Before & After

I have had this lamp for at least 35 years. I have been wanting to give it a new life for a while and yesterday was the day.

Just a little TLC and paint. I love the color spray paint from Michael's its "Fairyland Pink". So soft and pretty. The table part is "Heirloom White" from Home Depot. I just love the 2 together.

The ribbon rabbit I found at Marshalls around Easter. I knew I wanted it on this make over lamp. I think she looks cute.

The cup and flowes I had. I'm sure it will change even before I post this. I love the way this turned out. I put the lamp in my family room.

The lamp shade I spayed white and put a table cloth on it. It fit great. Then I hung some christal's around it.
It just added that little extra something.

It looks really pertty at night tooooo.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Kitchen Garden Window

This is my Garden Window in my kitchen. I just re did it for spring. I love the way it turned out.

I had a wicker shelf and a white shelf so I just put one on top of the other. The bird house I painted and had this cute topiary I put inside. Some teacups teapots and there you have it. Turned out cute.

I love this teapot. I have had it for a while. It reminds me of lace. The cream and sugar I found at Marshalls on clearance. The little stand and umbrella card I found at this store in Campbell called Garofalo's. The store I found on My Romantic Home blog.

I also found this on clearance at Marshalls. Love the roses.

This canister set I have had for years. I found it at Tuesday Morning. It just looked perfect next to the bread box below. I think I have had this bread box for 20 years or more. I was stained a dark brown. I gave it a new life with a little white paint and a pink know and I love it all over again...

I Love chandelirs. I think I have 12 or 13 in my home. I will have to count them sometime. Well anyway this one I have above my Garden Window. I bought it at Target in the children's bedding section. I bought the shades at Lamp Plus. I had the pink garland. I gathered the netting and glued it on the bottom and there you go a very cute lamp shade.

I Hope you enjoyed my new spring look.......

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My Kitchen Bay Window.....

This is my kitchen bay window. It is one of my favorite places to display "MY STUFF". It just makes me happy to put things I love together.

I bought this stand from "Tender Heart Treasures". It just fit perfect. I picked up things here and there. The clock I made, I had an old ugly clock. I painted it and put roses around it, and there you have it a new old clock......

I love this Chandelier!!!!! The shades I bought at JoAnn's. They were white but I wanted them pink. Sooooooo I sprayed painted them. Home Depot "Cotton Candy". I hot glued the crystal trim on the bottom, put a ribbon bow with a rose. The Fru Fru things are little girl hair ribbons....Cute.....The crystals I had......Just love this little lamp.....

The 3 domes i bought at Tender Heart Treasures. The first one on the left I put antique salt and pepper shakers. The second one I put a beautiful teacup my friend Vivian gave me and the third one has a Lamoge plate I bought in Paris with a little faux cheesecake with rose peddles. I change this often. I like playing with "MY STUFF"

Fru Fru Lamp Project

I had this lamp shade from an old lamp. I put ribbon around the center made a little skirt out of netting pinched up the side and put a ribbon rose. Held it all together and gave it a few stitches t hold each rose. I also found this Fabulous Pink trim and hot glued it to the top and bottom of the shade. I had the bead trip from another project and hot glued it to the bottom of the shade. The little black and white ball was a Christmas orniment. I just hung it on the side. And there you have it a Fairy Lamp shade........Love it....

This was a weekend project a few weeks ago. I found the base at the thrift store for $3 and spayed it "Cotton Candy" from Home Depot. Then wrapped ribbon around the base. It is just ribbon but it sure adds a lot to the lamp......