Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Kitchen Stand

I found this cute little stand at Marshells. It was red when I bought it. So I painted it a cream color. I had just the right spot for it in my kitchen.

Teapot from Marshells on clearance. Lucky me!!

I just loved this teacup. It came as a set so my friend Sharon and I split it. One for her and one for me. It goes great on this shelf.

And here are the cutest cupcakes I bought at the Country Folk Art Show in Pleasanton a couple of months ago. They are perfect on the shelf.

Tea for one. The teacup above matches it. This also came from the same shop we bought the teacup from. But this one was on clearance, a little defect, was only $10.

And another little teapot. As you can tell I love teacups, teapots and roses.

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Anonymous said...

That looks just too cute with your teapots and plates. Kay