Thursday, August 14, 2008

We Are Off To Tahoe !!!!

We will be gone for a few days to one of my favorite places to visit Lake Tahoe....It's about 200 miles from our home. We live in the Bay area about 10 miles from San Francisco. The water in Tahoe is so clear and very cold and very BEAUTIFUL. We have friends that live there and I always call it a vacation for our eyes because everywhere you look it's amazing.

On the way we stop in Jackson for a little something to eat and take Mika for a little walk. There are also some very cute stores I love visit. I may even come home with a treasure or two.
Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by.
Mo :-)


Becky said...

Have a safe trip my friend.
God Bless you.

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

You LUCKY LUCKY thing ! sticking my tongue out at ya ! :0) :0)

bj said...

Bill and I flew to Tahoe about 5 yrs ago for a 3 day vacation and had an absolute blast ! Got to see where The Ponderosa was filmed and all the fun places to pull that ONE ARMED BANDIT ....won some money, too....lots of fun.
Have a great trip...

Ronda said...

Hi Mo,
I truly hope ur trip will be a lovely ad relaxing one. I love ur pic's.
Love & Prayers,

Mo said...

Have a great trip and lots of fun!

Beverly said...

It looks wonderful. I hope you are having a great time.

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Mo!
Have a wonderful trip!

By the way, your Victorian mantle is

In Kimora's words "you have fabulosity"!!


Becky said...

PS..keep Florida in your prayers today as we get ready for a hurricane.

Somewhere In Time- Christie (yardsalequeen) said...

Oh Mo! How beautiful.... I wish you a safe and relaxing trip....have fun and have a great week!

Lola Enchanted said...

Have a great trip! By the way: you have a fabulous blog!!!!!!

Chic and Charming said...

What a beautiful vacation spot.