Monday, April 11, 2011

Is It Spring ?!?!

Look what I found in my garden....two tulips..."The Decision" !!!!!! to leave them in the garden or bring them in the house and enjoy them...well, you guessed the house they came with me....the bulbs have been in my garden FOR YEARS like about 25 years.....and they are still blooming every year.......YEAH Tulips !!!!!!

Have a wonderful day ....

Hugs and Love,

Mo :-)


Jennifer said...

Those are very pretty, love the color! :o)

Pauline said...

That's amazing, Mo :o) I had no idea the could last that long. They are beautiful ;o)

racheld said...

Tulips!!! Yours give me hope, for our seven plants, scattered about the yard, were the ONLY things AT ALL planted by the people we bought the house from. We've been here fourteen years, and have had reds and yellows for every year but last and this, and I just yesterday was ruthless and twist-tore all the kinda-wilty leaves right off at the ground as I cleaned out the flowerbeds.

Thank you for sharing your beauties with me.