Friday, August 12, 2011

Bud Vase

"Sweet Pink"

When my Grand-daughter Ailish was born a friend gave me a rose bush called Baby Blanket....the pale pink roses are small and delicate....I found the cute little bud vase at Z Gallerie last week and had the perfect rose to put int it....I attached it to my bathroom mirror....I love seeing the sweet little rose...something so small put a smile on my face.....

Have a wonderful day...

Love and Hugs,

Mo :-)

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racheld said...

How very delightful to see you posting again!! The rosebud is just lovely---like every soft, delicate pink there is.

Hope the Summer has treated you nicely, and that you and all yours are doing well.


I see my "word" below---it's usually always garble, but today it's WINGS. A good sign, I think.